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A player using C-Moon.

C-Moon is the stand of Enrico Pucci, and can be obtained when a DIO's Diary is used on Whitesnake. You can buy DIO’S Diary for 1.5 mil

This stand has no known passives..

When this stand is used the user will have 365 health.

- Actives -

E - Inverting Barrage

C-Moon barrages the enemy dealing amazing damage, like Whitesnake's barrage it'll slow the enemy down with each hit.

R - Inverting Hard Hit

C-Moon hits the enemy hard and inverts the heart of the opponents to deal a good amount of damage.

T - Localized Time Acceleration

C-Moon lowers the stand user's weight and makes the user both move faster and jump higher, this move is both good for attacking and running away.

F - Gravity Inversion

C-Moon slams the ground making a blast around the user where if anyone is near the user while this move is used they will get knocked up into the air, this move does a good amount of damage and is good to start combos.

H - Leap of Gravity

C-Moon hits the ground causing everyone on the server to jump.

B - Number Counting

The player will count the prime numbers to calm themselves. If you get hit during this you will teleport behind the attacker.

- Extra Information -

C-Moon (C-MOONシー・ムーン Shī Mūn) is a Stand developed by Enrico Pucci, featured in Stone Ocean.

- Evolutions -

When a DIO's Diary is used on it, it will become Made in Heaven.