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A player with Sakuya.

The Sakuya is a spec that is obtained by using watch on standless. Watch is obtainable and will probably always be.

- Passives -


This spec can move in stopped time.

Knife Creation

The user obtains 3 knifes every second


The user has 1000 health.

- Moves -

LMB - Double triple kinife Throw

Sakuya throws 6 knifes at the enemy (aimed with mouse).

E - Unknown world

Sakuya stops time to later trows exlosive knifes at random player.

R - Breaker Barrage

Sakuya stops time to later throw A LOT of knifes at the enemy.

T - Reverse awaken

Sakuya teleports back to where she was 3 Seconds ago and make a big explosion.

F - This... Is..... Sakuya

Sakuya stops time to later throw a MASSIVE amount of poison knifes at the victim.

V - Outside of Sakuya's world.

Sakuya teleports where her cursor is, it also pushes everyone near her forward, sort of like she's accelerating time and later throw a lot of knifes.

B - Sakuya's World.

Sakuya stops time giving her an advantage and throw knifes with no cooldown.

- Extra Information -

Sakuya cannot pose.

She is the main servant who serves remilia scarlet from touhou 6, being perhaps one of the most enigmatic characters, despite appearing in several games, Sakuya is the head of the Maid (servants) of the scarlet devil mansion. She works for her mistress, remilia scarlet. She has the power to stop time. She is known for throwing knives and stopping time, then letting it advance again and these knives reach their target. Stopping time is a useful way to get a maid's many tasks done in a short time. Since almost everyone who lives or works in the mansion is a servant, being their mistress means that there are very few people with more authority in the mansion than Sakuya.